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Biologique Recherche

Creme PIGM 400

  • For sun damaged skin. Use in the winter, day or night. In the summer use only at night.
    Biologique Recherche Crème PIGM 400 reduces the intensity of existing pigmentary spots, brightens the skin, prevents/limits the appearance of new spots and unifies the complexion.
    This cream has optimum anti-radical action which helps correct existing pigmentation imperfections and prevents new age spots from forming.
    The complexion becomes increasing luminous and the skin appears more even.
    • Immediate brightening action
    • Reduces the intensity of existing pigmentary spots
    • Prevents/limits the appearance of new spots
    • Unifies the complexion, reduces irregularity problems
    • Anti-radical action: limits cell aging
    • Thanks to 5 concentrated active ingredients, Crème PIGM 400 brightens the skin.
    • Crème PIGM 400 triggers an immediate whitening action, effective upon application.
    • This treatment acts on 3 stages of melanogenesis and regulates the accumulation of lipofuscin at the origin of dark spots.
    • An antioxidant protection that limits skin aging.
    • An epidermis-friendly though efficient treatment.
  • After previously using the recommended Cleansing Milk and Lotion P50, apply a small amount of Crème PIGM 400, in the morning and/or the evening to the entire face to brighten the complexion, or to areas with pigmentary spots (face, forearms, décolleté and hands). Gently massage until complete penetration.
    Protect your skin from the sun during the period of usage the product.
    For lipid-depleted Skin Instants, you can combine Crème PIGM 400 with Sérum T.E.W.L.
  • Whitening and brightening active ingredients:
    Young Cress Shoots and Plum Pulp Extract, Pure Genistein obtained from Soybeans and Photoprotection Vitamin Like.
    Protective active ingredients:
    Wasabi Extract, Vitamin E derivative and Polysaccharide

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very good


I’m very happy with your cream

Visible results

I've been using the product for about 1 month and can see spots with hyperpigmentation fading and breaking up. I'm excited to see the effects with long term use.


Creme PIGM 400

did nothing

I have a really good skin and my only trouble were pigmented spots, caused be sun damage couple of years ago. I got this lotion to get rid of them and was very inspired by the whole skincare of BR, but so far I notices ZERO changes. I used this lotion daily ( first it caused breakouts that I haven't had since I was 15, and I'm 29 now) along with face creme Pigm400, and this combo did nothing in 3 weeks. Lotion also was drying my normal skin and at some point it was even peeling - it didn't get better after it and overall I haven't noticed any changes. Waste of money for me