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The Leonor Greyl Difference

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What Biologique Recherche products do for the skin, Leonor Greyl hair care line does for hair.

Leonor Greyl products created and produced with great care using only all-natural plant extracts, vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Leonor Greyl products help maintain your hair brilliance, glamour, and beauty –all with healthy lifestyle in mind.

All products in this luxurious line contain only natural Ingredients and FREE of SLS, Silicone, Parabens, Coal Tar. They are color safe and cruelty free. Just like your skin, your hair demand proper care and regimen involving not one but several hair care products.

A secret to beautiful healthy looking hair lies in healthy and well cared for scalp. Start your hair care routine by gently massaging purifying and fortifying Oil Regenerescence Naturalle to improve blood circulation and allow your hair “to breathe”. Brush in detangling, softening, protecting Oil de Leonor Greyl (Huile de Leonor Greyl). Leave it in for few minutes before you wash your hair. Use Shampoo appropriate for your hair type followed by conditioning masque. Protect your hair from harmful effects of blow drying with Condition Naturalle. Use Serum de Soie Sublimateur as a daily styling serum to bring out the true beauty of your hair.

Tip from the experts: always brush your hair prior to shampooing. This will allow better penetration of botanical oils and extracts contained in Leonor Greyl shampoos and conditioning masques.