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Based on 593 reviews
HG Serum

This serum is light, yet so hydrating at the same time. A must have!

Creme PIGM 400

Amazing as always!

Thank you Aida for your advice and expertise and for introducing me to P50 over 10 years ago. I still use it today!

Glow glow glow

Love my skin is so much brighter and I love the results.

VG Derm

I haven’t been able to use this cream yet as mine had been tousled around by drive.The cap when opened pushed the seal right off! It didn’t have an offensive oder;the color was a light tan.The little bit that got on my fingers putting the lid back on felt creamy! A big Thank you to Victoria!! She took care of this immediately! Aida’s spa is fantastic!

Love this stuff

Lotion P50 1970 is the TRUTH! It truly changed my oily, acne prone and acne discolored skin to smooth, supple clear and radiant. Just try it, never mind the scent, your skin will thank you.

Lotion MC 110

Miracle in a bottle

Best product ever!! In just one use I saw a difference I will definitely continue purchasing this product!

P50 1970

Wonderful product absolutely love it.


Have noticed a difference in just 2 weeks. Love this product!


Amazing results as always! Immediate results, every dollar is worth it, love and invest on your skin, visible and real results.

A Must Have

Love it; my skin is soft and feeling great after each use. Has a characteristic odor, but you'll get used to it. :)

Great buy

It has been great for my acne prone skin.

Lait U
Five Stars

Fantastic cleanser; leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I used especially at night to remove makeup and impurities.

Creme Dermopurifiante

Aleksandra recommended an entire routine which included the creme Dermopurifiante. This was a game changer. With continuous use and other BR products my complexion is clear, balanced, and glowing

Lotion P50 1970 Original Formula

Tiny bottle

The bottle has shrunk in size. That was disappointing. I love this product but will think twice about purchasing it again, sadly. There are many choices out there.

Amazing on dark under eye circles

I have a very dark circle under my left eye due to five surgeries on the retina. This is the first product to help alleviate it, and it is much darker and difficult to deal with because it is a result of surgical trauma. As directed by the wonderful Aleksandra, I also use the Serum Placenta and Serum Elastine Pure to help nourish and restore the skin under both eyes. Fabulous! Will never be with out these serums.


My go to product for every day maintenance. The best results consistently!

One of my must haves!

Love love this serum. Has done absolute wonders for my skin!

Love Vivant

Skin is soft, worked as described. Unpleasant Oder

I never thought i could replace P50 tonic. This is even better

Lait U

Cleanser and all the serums and creams are absolutely fantastic

Don’t love this):

I was SO excited to try this masque for its soothing properties. I suffer from mild/moderate rosacea on my cheeks and wanted something that would soothe and calm down the redness. I am already using other Biologique products for redness( serum erythros, cream verte espoir) however this was is a miss for me. I don’t notice any calming effects when I take it off and my skin still looks red. Additionally, I feel SO dry with this masque on. I have a facial with a biologique expert in LA in a couple weeks and I am hoping that she will tell me I have been using it wrong. I don’t want to think I wasted 180 dollars on this!

Dear Client, We are very sorry you did not feel about masque Biosensible the same way its users and creators do! The only skin this universal masque is not suitable for is infant’s skin. Other than that, masque Biosensible is suitable for any skin instants. We recommend it for people with rosacea with no reservations. This masque provides immediate soothing sensation, diffuses redness and restores hydration. The masque should be used 2 times a week for about 15-20 minutes , then removed with tipid water. Can you kindly send us a list of the products you use prior to serum erythros and crème Verte Espoir? How long have you been using the products?For example before you apply Masque Biosensible, do you use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 W- rebalancing and super gentle toner for those with rosacea and thin skin? Perhaps, you use calming cleanser from Biologique Recherche called Eau Micellaire?. Do you use products from other lines? If so, perhaps, it makes sense for you to use only products from Biologique Recherche for at least 3-4 months? Kindly answer our questions so we can help you further.
Lait U

I do like this cleanser and I tend to gravitate towards milky cleansers, however, I have noticed an increase in breakouts since I started using it. I love everything biologique and I don’t want to think it was this cleanser! I have just added the medical beauty research modukine serum as well so maybe it is that?


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