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A FAMILY AFFAIR Valmont Group benefits from the fact that it is a family affair, successfully led by Didier Guillon and his spouse Sophie Guillon. On the one hand, Didier Guillon is the CEO, Owner and artistic director of Valmont. On the other hand, Sophie Guillon stands as the guardian of quality and efficiency of the precious Valmont skincare, with no concession. As the brand ambassador between the laboratories and high-level customers, Sophie Guillon oversees both the research & development projects, as well as the conception & communication aspects of the brand. Thanks to her technical know-how and constant search for innovation, Sophie Guillon has managed to lead Valmont as an authentic innovative brand on the cosmetic market. "For 30 years, Valmont Group has helped men and women fight the aging signs". It is a fantastic family tale, combining from generation to generation, the love for cosmetics, science, and innovation.


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