Collagene Marin Serum Authentique

  • Description
  • How To Use
  • Ingredients
  • Restructuring and firming bio-marine serum helps tighten the pores and redefine facial contour.
  • It is recommended for all skin types, even fragile skin and excellent for smoothing wrinkles on the neck and décolleté.

    • Active treatment that tones your skin, restoring comfort and suppleness.
    • Your skin is silky soft and glows with freshness and youth.
    • Helps bind water and restores the barrier functions of the epidermis.
    • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis.
    • Plumps up the skin’s moisture cushion.
    • Tightens the pores.
    • Tones and helps prevent loss of tonus.
  • To the face, neck and cleavage.
    Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.
    Apply (10 drops) of Sérum Collagène Marin on clean skin over the whole face, neck, and cleavage in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed.
    Sérum Collagène Marin can be combined with Sérum Elastine Marine.
  • Marine Collagen: Water Marine Collagen Extract.
    Water Marine Collagen Extract.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Folks, we have a winner!

Look, I'm obsessed with BR quintessential serums and excepting the few ones for acne-prone skin, I think I own them all; however, I was reluctant to buy this because I felt I was going a tad bit overboard.

Anyway, I started using it 2 days ago. Let me just say this is hands down THE BEST firming serum from BR, in my opinion. I applied it to my face and it literally froze the frown lines, reduced the pores and lifted the entire face. What sorcery is this?

The only con is that it doesn't spread as easily and dries faster than the other serums and you will definitely need as much as 10-15 drops for the face/neck/decollete. Although I believe mixing 4-5 drops with a creme should take care of that issue.

Great serum!

I love the serum collagen marine. I use it in the morning. It is definitely keeping my pores tight and helps them look smaller during the day.

Adding this my anti ageing regime

Been using Collgene Natif and trying out the Marin one. My looks plump and supple after application!

Evgeniia Shipilina
Skin care

Only after a week my skin looks so much better! I’m impressed.

Milada Kesmer
Love This Serum

I never used serums before, I went ahead and decided to purchase small size of Collagene Marin Serum and I actually liked it. Right away I noticed my skin was getting tighter and brighter. LOVE IT and I will be re-purchasing this item again. I love and use all BR Products.