Definitive Line Serum

  • Intelligent Wrinkle Care
    Focus: Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Preventative Care, Tone & Texture
    A high-active, complex composition replicating the effect of cosmetic-surgical line and wrinkle procedure through topical therapy. The potent SYN®-AKE peptide relaxes deep-lying micro-muscles to release, smooth and lift horizontal and lateral lines, support natural collagen synthesis, and moisturise and balance hydration.
    A Vitamin C booster promotes cellular DNA repair.

    - Delivers long-lasting smoothing and plumping effects
    - Visibly firms and contours
    - Promotes collagen synthesis
    - Activates the skin’s natural regenerative processes to improve structure
    - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by easing micro-contractions of the facial muscles


  • Gently massage into skin after applying your preferred AUTEUR cleanser and toner, morning and evening.
    Allow to dry down a moment, before following with your preferred AUTEUR cream.
  • Cyclopeptide-5:
    A targeted cyclic peptide designed to stimulate
    comprehensive cell regeneration. Protects collagen
    and elastin from degradation & boosts skin density,
    firming and lifting
    Promotes skin cell detoxification to guard against
    the environmental damage that leads to premature
    Hyaluronic Complex
    Collection of hyaluronic acids, ranging from high
    to micro-low molecular weights for comprehensive
    hydration and improved skin elasticity
    Potent, firming peptide for smoother skin texture with
    an immediate anti-winkle effect
    Phytobioactive for immediate lifting and firming

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