Definitive Density Cream

All Skin Types


  • Firming & Regenerating Formula
    Focus: Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Radiance, Tone & Texture, Preventative Care
    A high-active, complex composition for extraordinarily effective firming, moisturising, repair and protection. This silkylike formulation supports the skin’s own defense and immune systems. AUTEUR’s Perfluorocarbon Complex
    accelerates oxygen delivery to damaged tissue, dramatically boosting the skin’s natural cell regeneration processes  and promoting significantly healthier skin. The patented SYN®-AKE peptide reduces the appearance of wrinkles by
    relaxing deep-lying facial micro-muscles to release and smooth lines. Medium texture.

    - Stimulates collagen production
    - Supports the skin’s natural stem cell activity, accelerating cell turnover
    - Minimizes micro-contractions to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    - Visibly smooths, moisturises, and protects against environmental agressors


  • For optimal results, gently massage onto the face - morning and evening - after applying your preferred
    AUTEUR serum.
  • Bioyouth™-EGT
    Growth factor complex designed for cellular
    regeneration and collagen and elastin synthesis
    Triple Flow Perfluorocarbon Complex
    Scientifically-optimised perfluorocarbons accelerate
    oxygen delivery to the skin, promoting regeneration
    and healing
    Potent, firming peptide for smoother skin texture
    Hyaluronic Complex
    Collection of hyaluronic acids, ranging from high to
    micro-low molecular weights
    Golden Collagenine
    Gold-particle based delivery system increasing
    stabilisation of actives and bioavailability of
    peptides by up to 90x

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