Cream Extraordinary & Perfect Lip with Pouch

Beautiful Pouch with Cream & Lip Treatment

Cream Extraordinary - 1.0 oz.

An intensive moisturizing cream of unique lightness and freshness. The ingredients operate synergetically with real gold leaf flakes.

• Boosts collagen synthesis
• Stimulates microcirculation
• Stimulates/rejuvenates cells
• The gold particles it contains diffract the light, thus concealing minor imperfections, wrinkles and shadows
• Smoothes and firms the skin
• Provides skin with more moisture
• Gives skin a balanced, fresh and natural appearance
• Makes skin feel silky-soft

Perfect LIP ID - 0.3 fl. oz.

Regenerating, moisturising and intensive-care lip balsam with a pleasant refreshing effect. Minimises signs of premature skin ageing.

• Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles
• Tightens lip contours
• Gives lips a fuller and more plump appearance
• Firms tender lip skin
• Keeps sensitive lip skin soft and smooth
• Provides long-lasting moisture
• Has a regenerative, corrective and soothing effect

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laura LeAnn

Truly the most luxurious cream I have ever used with long lasting results throughout the day. Works wonders on my extremely dry skin.

Tauhida Parveen
Excellent Product

I have been using Cream Extraordinary for about a year now and its an amazing cream. My skin is very dry and this helps significantly with that along with all its other benefits such as glowing skin, even tone, firmness. No issues with acne or anything like that. It being so expensive, I only use it at night and that’s enough to keep my healthy and radiant skin. I can only find this in 1oz from from Aida Bicaj and not only that, Aida’s was the only place where I could find the 1 oz as a combo of Cream Extraordinary & Perfect Lip with a Pouch which is a great combo. Thank you for carrying this combo pack. Shipping was very fast. Great customer service, I got some wonderful samples that I got to try and will be looking to get the full size of those soon.