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Cell–Power Foot & Leg Cream

  • Vitalising, cooling and unblocking foot and leg cream. • Cools, relaxes, refreshes • Smoothes dry, stressed skin, making it supple • Has a regenerative, moisturising and soothing effect • Immediately unblocks painful, heavy legs and feet, giving them a feeling of lightness
  • Apply cream on feet and legs daily. Massage in in small circular motions and with a light pressure on the toes. Then, from the ankle upwards, massage both sides of the leg with a light pressure. Tip With very dry foot skin, apply generous amount of Foot & Leg Cream up to the ankles like a mask and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the rest with a cosmetic cloth or massage in. In order to regenerate tired legs, if there is no time for a massage, place a special foot massage matt with rubber naps in the shower. During the shower, the foot reflex zones are stimulated and circulation promoted.
  • • Shea butter • cooling agent • Cistus ladaniferus leaf oil • lavender oil, sea mayweed • urea • panthenol • sea weed extract