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VG Tensil Serum Authentique

  • For 27 year olds and up, skin that lacks elasticity.
    Tensing and firming botanical serum helps tone sagging skin tissues and revitalize skin's surface.
    In addition to smoothing and tightening, Serum VG Tensil works from within the skin by boosting collagen synthesis and cellular renewal, acting as an intensive rejuvenation treatment for mature skin.

    • An intensive treatment which retightens, re-firms and tones your skin.
    • Your face appears smoother and firmer.
    • As prevention against loss of skin tone.
    • Firms and tones the tissue supporting the skin.
    • Contributes to cellular renewal by stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes.
    • Contributes to Restores the fibrous network
    • Boosts collagen synthesis
    • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • On the face, contours of the face, neck and cleavage.
    Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.
    Extract 1ml (20 drops) of Serum VG Tensil.
    On perfectly clean skin, apply the serum to the whole face, neck and cleavage by gently smoothing in an upwards motion until the product has been completely absorbed.
  • Firming and smoothing active ingredients:
    Rye and Manioc Extracts, Hazelnut Oligopeptides

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it!

This serum has given me a nice glow. Along with many other BR products, this is one I’ve noticed improvement on my skin texture.

excellent product

this along with marine proteins might be my favorite BR serum. Smells nice, absorbs quickly, and it does tighten the skin, leaving is refreshed and glowing.

Tensil Serum Authentique

My skin looks so refreshed after using this serum...

Great addition to my BR routine

Like other BR serums, it sinks in well and my skin feels softer and more supple after using. I have mature skin but no significant sagging (yet) so I use it more as a preventive measure. It’s never too early to start!

So far so good!

I've been using this serum with Iribiol and Placenta serums as well. Together, they seem to pack a nice punch and give me the wake up glow that I'm looking for. I also wash with Lait VIP02, tone with P50V 1970, then serums, then finish with A.Bader (The Rich Cream).