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Biologique Recherche

Amniotique Serum Authentique

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  • For dry skin, ages 30-40s. Excellent for hydration.
    Aida says: This is for hydrating skin starting at age 40. It nourishes and calms very dry skin.
    Amniotique serum is an incomparable source of moisture which helps maintain the skin’s water level at the maximum. Its hydro-fixing active ingredients help the cells capture water and store it in the upper layers of the skin, which neutralizes the effects of skin dryness for a long-lasting action. The skin’s water balance is optimal, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Best when used with Biologique Recherche Serum Elastine Pure and Crème Emulsion Végétale Grand Millésime or Crème Amnios, Creme Grand Millésime. Finish with Serum Grand Millésime.
    This anti-aging serum repairs, regenerates and protects the skin with intense hydration.
    An SOS for sensitive skin, Serum Amniotique E will smooth the skin, stimulate cell renewal and reveal an even complexion.

    • This anti-aging serum, repairs, regenerates and protects your skin.
    • Your skin is smoother and looks younger.
    • An SOS serum for very sensitive skins.
    • Intensely hydrates the top layers of the epidermis.
    • Regenerates the skin and stimulates cellular multiplication.
    • Soothes the skin and unifies the complexion.
  • To the face, the neck and the cleavage.
    Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.
    Extract 1ml (20 drops) of Sérum Amniotique E. from the bottle.
    Apply on clean skin over all the face, neck and cleavage in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed.
    Sérum Amniotique E. can be combined with all the other biological Quintessential Serums.
  • Amniotique E.:
    Cellular Oligopeptide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great shipping

I love the Amniotique Serum and really appreciate how quickly I received it from Aida Bicaj. Nothing worse than running out of your serum and having to wait for days to get a new one.

Jennifer L

I bought this to add to my visolastine+ mask. I do feel it adds extra hydration.

Tanya Chomsiriwat
My new babe

I bought Amniotique and have been using this over the past couple week. This is an absolutely god send! soothing and moisturising. Thank you Aida Bicaj for fast service and lovely samples.

nela pawlowska
Hydrating serum

I think I need more time to see if it is really working. Using it for the last 2 weeks and skin looks hydrated.

Liz Monti

Amniotique Serum Authentique