Biologique Recherche - SERUM A-GLYCA A.G.E Protection Serum

Biologique Recherche

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Biologique Recherche has taken an innovative approach to finding an effective solution for combating the glycation process; A-Glyca Serum is the result.
Formulated to keep elastin and collagen fibers intact, the serum is the perfect ally in the fight to prevent and lessen the signs of aging.
This innovative serum is based on two key active ingredients: mimosa extract and carcinine.
 Anti-glycation: Mimosa Albizia julibrissin (also called silk tree) extract protects elastin and collagen fibers at risk of being damaged by glycation and thus prevents the production of A.G.E.
It also combats the signs of tiredness, boosts the skin’s elasticity and leaves it radiant.
 Deglycation: carcinine traps glucose and releases the collagen and elastin undergoing glycation.
By preventing these fibers from becoming rigid, it helps to reduce wrinkles and lines.
It also has an antioxidant action that provides essential overall protection to combat skin aging.

Combats the glycation process
Protects the proteins that structure the skin
Reduces wrinkles and deep lines
Lessens the appearance of facial fatigue
Promotes firmer skin
Produces a radiant complexion

Signs of aging prevented and improved
Healthy skin
Toned skin
A more even and glowing complexion

Directions for use in the treatment cabin and at home
Apply a few drops of A-Glyca Serum before cream morning and night to boost diffusion
of the active ingredients. Apply the serum to cleansed skin over the whole face, neck and
cleavage with gentle upward movements until the product has been fully absorbed.

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