Biologique Recherche

Creme Masque Vernix

Glows, brightens, especially after sun exposure. Use in two ways, either a thin layer at night, or apply a thick layer as a mask for one hour. Combine with Biologique Recherche Legrand Serum or Grand Millesime. Use Biologique Recherche Amniotique, Colostrum, or Serum 3R underneath, and Fluid VIP O2 or Yall O2 on top.

Inspired by the protective layer on baby at birth, reconditions, and gives "second birth" to the epidermis. Ideal for deficient and/or stressed skin instant.


To establish your personalized regimen and treatment plan we suggest you receive a consultation with our skincare specialist to ensure your purchase is appropriate for your skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Biologique Recherche - Creme Masque Vernix

Excellent for winter skin, rosacea

I moved to Wyoming a little more than a year ago. The harsh weather here wreaked havoc on my skin, causing painful and embarrassing rosacea eruptions I had never experienced before. The BR regime I started changed all that. My skin looks perfect now. I'm sure that is the result of all the products, but the masque creme vernix makes a real difference. I use a little extra any time I notice redness on my face from wind or cold exposure, and the redness disappears overnight. This winter has been so much better than last for my skin because of this product.

Great Moisturizer but Odor Takes Getting Used Too!

Love this stuff. After three years of being very sick, my skin was in horrible condition. Using this and the serum has softened my wrinkles and helped immensely with my rosacea. Both the cream and the serum have a “fragrance” you have to get used to believe me. At first it was bad enough I got a little nauseated. But I kept at it and I’m getting used to it. It goes away almost, pretty quickly. Only suggestion I have is to buy some white wash clothes you use only for your face washing and drying. The smell hangs on when I dry my face with a hand towel.

Creme Masque Vernix

One of the best Biologique products that I have tried. Noticed results almost overnight in the texture and thickness of my skin.