Lotion P50 Capillaire for scalp

  • Lotion P50 Capillaire contains the core “P50” formula as well as active ingredients specifically suited to the scalp that will help reduce irritation and scales.
    Sebum secretions are controlled and therefore the scalp is cleansed and rebalanced.

    • Regulates excess sebum to rebalance the scalp
    • Gently exfoliates the scalp
    • Removes scales
    • Gently cleanses and purifies the scalp
    • Respects the scalp
    • Hair is supple and soft
  • All over the dry scalp. Avoid contact with eyes.
    Apply Lotion P50 Capillaire evenly to the scalp, section by section. Massage gently with fingertips. Do not rinse.
    This lotion can be followed by a shampoo. If doing so, leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Exfoliating and reconditioning agents: AHA, BHA, Cider Vinegar.
    Sébo-regulating agents: Burdock Extract, White Dead-Nettle Extract, Pine Bark Extract.
    Anti-dandruff agent: Jujube Extract.
    Purifying agent: Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin B3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jennifer L
Love this; BR for the haircare win!

There has been a noticeable decrease in oil production on my scalp since I starting using this. I wash my hair every other day, and usually need to use a ton of dry shampoo on my no-wash days. Since I started using this scalp exfoliant, I hardly need to use any dry shampoo. I am hoping that eventually I won't need dry shampoo at all. It doesn't tingle or burn my scalp, so it's comfortable to wear. It dries down and makes the hair crunchy, so it definitely is to be applied before shampooing, not used during the day. If I wash my hair at night, I apply a few hours before I get in the shower. If I shower in the morning, I apply before going to bed and wash out the next morning. I apply very liberally, and I think the bottle will last at least a couple of months if not longer. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.



Danielle R
Great product

This is the only thing that balances my finicky scalp.


I have tried everything to heal and soothe my dry, scaly scalp. This has been the only product that has really worked!

My hair and scalp are happy

I have oily scalp and dry hair. My scalp would get oily a few hours after washing the hair. I started using this product massaging it into my scalp and leaving it in overnight to wash the next day. Done it twice now and my scalp is not oily for at least two days past washing. My hair is also softer and smoother. Love it! My face loves P50 and now my hair loves it too. Thinking about trying the body P50 soon.