Biologique Recherche - Crème ADN Elastine Marine Collagène Marin

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For dry skin, wrinkles, skin lacking elasticity. Very hydrating. One of Biologique Recherche’s oldest and best creams. Aida suggests using ADN in the morning and Biologique Recherche Creme Splendide at night, or vice versa. Use Collage Natif, Elastine Pure and Serum 3R underneath, one on top of the other. For best results, use Biologique Recherche Legrand Serum with Fluid VIP O2 and Yall O2 on top.

Aida says: This is one of my favorite firming night cream. It’s a great combination layered over Gel ADN Silk Gel and topped with Serum Yall-O2.

Marine extracts tone the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines that stem from dehydration. This cream creates a barrier against environmental pollutants.

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