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Face first, we walk through the world, creating an impression wherever we go. With Aida, that impression will be the best one possible. Aida’s facial treatments reveal your beauty from the inside out by creating a healthy, natural glow. While the desired results require patience and diligence, the commitment to your skin is well worth the effort. Our aestheticians will work with you to establish a personalized regimen and treatment plan which will result in radiant, flawless skin.

Unlike with traditional facials, we do not use chemical peels or laser processes which strip the outer layer of skin. Without this protective layer, the skin becomes uneven and patchy. Instead, Aida's products are derived from natural sources and our treatments based upon decades of experience.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL  We start with steam, to allow for gentle extraction of impurities in the skin. After stimulation and cleansing, we apply Biologique Recherche masks, serums and creams targeted to your skin’s needs. Our Deep Cleansing Facial is painless and you will leave our salon with calm, glowing skin without any irritation or scarring. Problem skin will dramatically improve with monthly visits.

DEEP CLEANSING AND FRUIT ACID MASK  In addition to the cleansing process, we use this mask to exfoliate and soften any type of skin, especially thick or uneven tones.

DEEP CLEANSING AND COLLAGEN MASK  After deep cleansing, we apply this mask as an additional treat for the skin. Ideal for skin types lacking collagen to calm, firm, tighten and moisturize.

MANUAL LIFT  Our aestheticians use a special technique to control the level of exfoliation, using products derived from seaweed power that mildly tweak the skin to restore elasticity. This treatment also stimulates circulation and the production of new cells that leaves your skin looking tighter, smoother, and healthier.

SOIN LISSANT  Similar to the Manual Lift, this treatment targets sensitive, reactive, dull skin. Application of a mild powder and lymphatic drainage techniques leave the skin calm, smooth and tight.

SOIN LISSANT AND DEEP CLEANSING  This is a combination treatment ideal for purifying and firming tired, sallow skin.

REMODELING  A favorite treatment among our clients, this treatment uses a micro-current machine to tone and shape facial muscles and promote skin cell regeneration. Follow-up treatments improve muscle memory and keep muscles tight and firm, preventing the need for cosmetic surgery in your future. For best results, begin with one weekly session for six weeks, then six bi-weekly sessions and finally monthly visits.

REMODELING AND DEEP CLEANSING  In addition to the benefits of each of these individual treatments, this combination cleanses and tightens pores.

REMODELING AND MANUAL LIFT  Ideal for exfoliating, hydrating and contouring in one session.

REMODELING AND SOIN LISSANT  Ideal for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate Manual Lift or microdermabrasion. The tweaking movements are lighter and smoother so skin irritation or redness never occurs, even with delicate complexions.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL, SOIN LISSANT AND REMODELING  The ultimate experience for skin purification, this treatment trio results in tauter, more radiant skin.