Body Treatments

Biologique Recerche Body Treatments


And now for the rest of you! Besides daily moisturizers and weekly exfoliants, we offer a selection of treatments to improve the body’s appearance using Biologique Recherche products.

BACK CLEANSING TREATMENT  This facial for your back rids the body of accumulated impurities that we can’t see ourselves. We apply steam to open up the pores, cleanse the skin, and apply a personalized combination of masks and creams to calm and smooth the skin.

BODY EXFOLIATION  We often neglect to moisturize our body, which leads to a buildup of dry, thick skin. In order to have smooth, hydrated skin, we recommend a weekly exfoliation at home and more intense exfoliation in our salon as needed.

BODY HEATING BLANKET  This Heating treatment helps reduce the levels of toxins and fat cells that our bodies accumulate from food, alcohol, and the environment. Our aestheticians will supervise the heat level and length of treatment according to your body type. After the detoxification process, we apply highly concentrated oils and body creams.

BODY EXFOLIATION WITH HEATING BLANKET  This treatment combination heightens the slimming and detoxification process.

BODY LIFT CVS  This is a Manual Lift for the body. Our aesthetician controls the level of microdermabrasion to contour and firm the body as needed. Seaweed powder and a personalized combination of oils, serums and creams leave the skin smooth, tightened and hydrated.