Baume Bois de Rose

A Matte-Finish Modeling and Sculpting Balm

This luscious balm shapes and sculpts hair into any style with a matte finish. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and remolded as desired to add volume and texture without hardening the hair. It’s non-greasy formula nourishes and protects the hair from external damages. Its rosewood fragrance is a nice finishing touch and leaves a delicate trace in the hair suitable for both men and women.


On wet hair, apply a small quantity of balm in the palm of your hand, rub both hands for a few seconds and apply to the roots with your fingertips, shaping the hair as desired. Do not rinse.

Pro Tips: A blow-dryer can be used while shaping to set styling. Ideal to create a wavy effect on mid-length hair.


In 2015, going against the trend for highly-structuring yet hardening gels that tended to suffocate hair, and waxes with a more natural finish but no real sticking power that were often too greasy. Tom Brooks came up with a balm that melted into hair and gave stylists full creative power. Radically different from anything available at the time, it combined the setting powers of natural waxes with the hydrating properties of Cupuaçu butter. A powerful styling aid with a matte finish and delicate rosewood scent, the balm has won awards and become a favorite with stylists.