Biologique Recherche - Serum Oligo-Protéines Marines

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For skin that is stressed, dull, and tired. Especially good if you’re a smoker and/or if you have darker complexion. Brightens, works on pigment spots, sun damage. Great for dark circles under eyes. For best results alleviating dark circles combine with serum placenta.

Aida says: This is great when used with the Biologiqu Recherche VIP line, especially Crème VIP O2 and Serum Fluid VIP O2. You can also add Serum Yall-O2 for a more luminous look on top of cream. Follow with Contour des Yeux VIP O2 eye cream.

This serum energizes and revives skin, stimulating the cells and awakening the skin from within. It is especially effective on under-eye circles, revealing a bright complexion. Not for those with Iodine or seafood allergies.

To establish your personalized regimen and treatment plan we suggest you receive a consultation with our skincare specialist to ensure your purchase is appropriate for your skin.

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