Biologique Recherche

Creme Dermopurifiante

  • For oily skin. Calms, balances, and prevents the spread of acne. Aida says: “Like prescription medicine for the skin.” NOTE: Avoid the eye area.
    Initially you may experience more breakouts because it’s bringing oil to the surface.
    Aida says: This balancing, antibacterial cream is like medicine for the skin. It’s meant for skin with open pores, breakouts, acne or excess oil.
    This gentle cream cleanses the skin with its anti-bacterial properties, reducing redness and regulating sebum secretion. It reveals glowing skin without drying the surface.
    • Unblocks the hyperkeratinized hair shaft thanks to its micro-exfoliant active ingredients.
    • Purifies and cleans up the skin thanks to its antibacterial active ingredients.
    • Helps alleviate redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory active ingredients.
    • Helps to regulate sebaceous secretions.
    • Helps to tighten pores.
    • Protects the skin from external aggression.
    • Hydrates the upper layers of the skin.
    • Considerably reduces the shinning aspect of the face
    • Softens the skin blemishes.
    • Expert care for seborrheic skin.
    • A gentle purifying cream that does not dry out the skin and leaves the complexion unified.
    • Your face is cleansed, matified, and protected against external aggressions.
    • Twenty concentrated active ingredients targeting the main causes and consequences of seborrhea mechanism.
    • Deep-acting with visible results on the surface.
    • Good tolerance, also suits reactive skins.
    • Contains no mineral oils.
    • Does not leave the skin oily.
    • The product is ideal for acne
  • Use with Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant and Masque VIP O2 (or Masque Vivant with baking soda for oily skin) and apply after Biologique Recherche Serum Complexe Iribiol.
    Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Crème Dermopurifiante to the face after using the recommended Cleansing Milk, Lotion P50, Mask and Quintessential Serums.
    If your skin feels tight, use a very hydrating serum before applying the cream.
  • Micro-exfoliant active ingredients:
    Meadowsweet Extract, Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
    Purifying active ingredients:
    Thyme Extract, Biologique Recherche Specific Phyto-Complex, Yeast Extract
    Seborrhea regulation active ingredients:
    Vitamin B3, Bardane Extract, Enanthia Chlorantha + Oleanic Acid Complex
    Astringent active ingredients:
    Witch Hazel + St John’s Work complex, Milfoil, Horse Chestnut and Mimosa Extracts.
    Anti-inflammatory active ingredients:
    Arnica, Centella Asiatica, and Cucumber Extracts.
    Regenerating and hydrating active ingredients:
    Ascorbic Acid, Lavander Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Extract.

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Creme Dermopurifiante

Great for oily/combination skin

I've been using Creme Dermopurifiante for about 2 weeks now per the advice of my aesthetician. I have oily skin, and for years, ignored pore congestion in my t-zone, as well as near my temples. I also have milia under the eyes, and tend to have dark circles. Used with P50 and Masque Vivant (2x / week), I've noticed a big difference in my pore congestion and overall skin texture, including the dark circles under my eyes. My pores have gotten much clearer and appear smaller, the milia are starting to decrease in number, and my skin texture is much softer. I hope to continue to see improvements as I keep using this product.

As an aside, Aida Bicaj's shipping/service has been fabulous - each of my orders has been dispatched that very same day, with FedEx service delivering my package the next day (I live about 2.5 hours outside the city). Each order came with complimentary BR samples.


Love it <3

Creme Dermopurifiante

Aleksandra recommended an entire routine which included the creme Dermopurifiante. This was a game changer. With continuous use and other BR products my complexion is clear, balanced, and glowing


Creme Dermopurifiante