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Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps

  • For dry, flaky, wrinkled skin. Hydrates, softens, and protects skin from harsh weather. After applying with your hand, massage upwards with a silicone glove.
    Aida says: This light hydration is great for all skin types. Mix with any oil for better effects.
    This cream soothes and softens the skin, restoring skin’s lipid barrier.
    It envelops the body in a protective cocoon, enhancing cellular renewal and counteracting damage caused by harsh climates.

    • Provides skin elasticity, softness and vitality.
    • Restores the epidermal hydrolipid film.
    • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis.
    • Protects the skin from harsh weather (wind, sun, cold).
    • Promotes cellular renewal.
    • Boosts the action of the cutaneous barrier.
  • All over the body.
    Apply Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps all over the body massaging it in lightly ascending movements.
    Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps and Graisse de Vison can be mixed to enhance the hydrating and soothing properties.
  • Lipid reconditioning agents:
    Brazil nut and Priprioca oil, Virgin Sisymbrium Oil, Squalane.
    Moisturizing agents:
    WHyaluronic Acid, Colostrum, Sugar derivatives.
    Protective and restorative agents:
    Opuntia Ficus-India extracts, Mimosa extracts, Centella Asiatica extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin F./dd>


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