Serum A-Glyca

  • Biologique Recherche has taken an innovative approach to finding an effective solution for combating the glycation process; A-Glyca Serum is the result.
    Formulated to keep elastin and collagen fibers intact, the serum is the perfect ally in the fight to prevent and lessen the signs of aging.
    This innovative serum is based on two key active ingredients: mimosa extract and carcinine.
    Thanks to the Serum A-Glyca, the glycation reaction can be prevented and counteracted with a gain of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use.
    It will reduce wrinkles and improve the evenness of the complexion.
    The dermis becomes firmer and the skin becomes more luminous.

    • Acts against the phenomenon of glycation
    • Protects proteins within the skin’s structure
    • Reduces deep lines and wrinkles
    • Reduces signs of tiredness on the face
    • Contributes to the skin’s firmness
    • Brings radiance to the complexion
  • Take a few drops of the Serum A-Glyca.
    Onto clean skin, apply the serum morning and night over the entire face, neck and décolleté using gentle ascending movements until the complete absorption of the product.
  • Anti-glycation ingredient (preventive):
    Mimosa extract (Albizia)
    Deglycation ingredient (curative)) :

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
cryst zeng
good product

first time try, it worked great!

Amy A
A must have

I always over looked this serum, but decided to give it a shot. Wow, so glad I did! Never want to be without this now. Makes the skin look so healthy and gooey, and makes it feel smoother somehow. I use this every other day, either under Elastine or any hydrating serum. Love it!

Lauris Laurent

My skin barrier has become compromised after doing a popular at-home derma roller with led which dappled the skin on my forehead and to add more distress to the tragic situation I accidentally thought I was wearing sunscreen when I wasn’t and got an awful sunburn a year ago leaving my skin not the same at all so I have horrifically dehydrated, super textured, uneven skin predominately on my forehead and cheeks. I want to do a clear & brilliant laser to address the issue but honestly feel I need to get my skin healthier first. I’ve tried everything this past year and some things have helped bit by bit but still an abysmal situation. Well, enter Serum A-Glyca. My skin is 70-80% better and it’s been a couple weeks. This is my first BR product and am getting a few more items after discovering that this is a French medical grade line, and unfortunately my skin is too sensitive to do tretinoin at the moment (I overdid it on glycolic acid so sad). This product gives me hope. Will likely repurchase the large bottle next time.

Nakia Short
Love potion

I ❤️ It!!!!!!

Serum A-Glyca

I have just added this serum to my routine day & night along with VG Tensil and Future Beauty Drops No.2 and I really like it so far for the smoothness it seems to be giving my skin. I have read that it is supposed to help redefine and restore volume to facial features due to gycation, so i will see if I see a difference in that. I don't eat a lot of carbs or sugar, so I might not be seeing a huge difference yet due to that, but I am always consistent with my skin care so if that is what it is supposed to do, I'm sure it will, like all the other BR products I have them!