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Biologique Recherche

Lotion P50V 1970

  • Lotion P50V 1970 - Biologique Recherche is a medium strength all-in-one toner, balancer and exfoliating lotion enriched with vitamins. This is original formula with minimal content of phenol.

    • Removes dead cells and impurities on a daily basis.
    • Helps to purify and regulate sebum secretion.
    • Enhances epidermal renewal.
    • Improves the strength and quality of the epidermis.
    • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis thanks to its keratolytic action.
    • Balances the surface pH of the skin.
    • Improves the efficacy of the other Biologique Recherche products used after it.
    • Apply Lotion P50V 1970 all over the face, neck and cleavage.Avoid the eye area and contact with eyes.
    • The first week: Saturate moistened cotton pads with Lotion P50V 1970 and apply to the face, neck and cleavage.
    • Thereafter: Saturate dry cotton pads with the lotion.
    • Note! If the product enters the eye, rinse abundantly with clear water for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Exfoliating, moisturizing and reconditioning active ingredients:
    -Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids, Poly-Hydroxy-Acids and Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, Cider Vinegar, Phytic Acid, Sulphur.
    Purifying and sebum regulation active ingredients:
    -Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin B3 (or PP), Horseradish, Burdock, Sorrel, Onion, Myrrh and Myrtle Extracts, Thyme Essential Oil.
    Smoothing and toning active ingredients:
    -Natural Sponge, Yeast and Walnut Extracts.

Customer Reviews

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Lotion p50v 1970

This toner really shows a better skin result I highly recommended.

Very good

Love all BR products

Miracle Product-P50V 1970

My skin was breaking out so I ordered the P50V which I hadn’t used in awhile. My skin immediately cleared up and looked 10 years younger. I will never go without it again! Thank you Aida!

WOW! You need P50 in your LIFE!

I am a huge fan of BR Lotion P50 and have used almost all of the various strengths in the line. My absolute favorite right now is Lotion P50 V 1970. I am 50 years old and this one helps with toning and firming and is not too strong. I suffer from rosacea outbursts from time to time and mostly when I am NOT using P50. Thus, I have vowed to never be without it again. I prefer the 1970 formulations because it adds a little special tingle to the skin and I feel like my skin is getting a little special workout from it. The key is to use this product religiously. You might have a little purging or experience a little red face the first week of using but then your skin adjusts as the ph balance is balanced. If you are just diving into the BR line- I recommend buying one of the beautiful milky cleansers as well- Lait VIP 02 is my favorite, followed by Lotion P50, and Masque Vernix (used as night cream) will be a great introduction to the line.


Best place ever. Aida is truly amazing !!!


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