Definitive Restoration Cream


  • Super-nourishing Formula
    Focus: Intense Hydration, Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Radiance, Preventative Care
    A high-active, complex composition for long-term moisturising, with dermal and epidermal strengthening. The super-rich moisturising formulation offers immediate absorption, and works in harmony with potent active
    ingredients including growth factors, ceramides and Hyaluronic Complex to restore nourishment and density. 24 karat  gold leaf flakes strengthen cell structure and diffuse light across the skin’s surface for instant illumination. Rich

    - Boosts collagen synthesis to restore cellular structure
    - Stimulates microcirculation and rejuvenates cell activity
    - Moisturises, balances and freshens the skin’s natural appearance
    - Softens, smooths and firms the appearance of skin for a naturally silk-like finish


  • For optimal results, gently massage onto the face - morning and evening - after applying your preferred
    AUTEUR serum.
  • Bioyouth™-EGT
    Growth factor complex designed for cellular
    regeneration and collagen and elastin synthesis
    Active Ceramide Complex
    5-part oil soluble complex that repairs skin barrier
    function, improves hydration and reduces TWL
    (transepidermal water loss).
    Stem cell supporting peptide with short chain
    amino acids, amplifies collagen production and
    restores skin’s NMF (natural moisture factor)
    Hyaluronic Complex
    Collection of hyaluronic acids, ranging from high to
    micro-low molecular weights

    Stimulates skin’s natural production of hyaluronic
    acid to hydrate and plump skin

    Antioxidant; neutralizes free radicals that harm DNA
    and damage skin cells & soothes skin

Customer Reviews

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It burned my face and caused a rash ;-( too much perfume scent for a face product for sensitive skinned folks.