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A Potion For Every Pore

May 16, 2018 1 min read

Every month I had a session with Aida, a willowy Kosovan with a predictably flawless complexion, who measured my skin and then applied a masque. That was followed by a session with the Remodeling Face Machine, which uses three gentle electric currents to improve the skin's volume. Then, with her fingers, Aida gave my face lots of soft, feathery tap, tap, taps. "I'm giving memory to the muscle," she said, though it felt to me as if a butterfly were fluttering across my pores. And, yes, after a few months, when I looked in the mirror — expecting nothing to have changed — I really did look rested. My eyes were less puffy, my skin was plumper, and my lines were far less noticeable.

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